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June 6, 2011

Busy weekend :)

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Hello all 🙂

I had a super weekend.  Even though it started with getting my wisdom teeth pulled which was certainly NOT comfortable.  The bottom right one was the most painful, and it had three roots instead of two.  Not fun.  BUT it got better because we did some yard work at my dad’s house and had a cook out.  Also, I discovered that the roses we planted over my dog, Jackie’s grave were in full bloom and they looked absolutely gorgeous.

So so vibrant

I was so happy that they bloomed this year.  Last year at this time, they were all closed up and refused to bloom, but now, I’m pleased with the effort we put into them.  (I’m also happy they survived the winter).

Also, this weekend, I ended up getting a good quality protein powder from the grocery store which is sure to get my protein count up.
Great mixed with some almond milk 🙂

I’ve been adding this stuff to absolutely everything.  It’s sooo flexible 🙂  If that’s the right word…

Finally, yesterday, I went to the strawberry festival in our town with a couple of friends and ended up tasting the 7th hottest hot sauce in the world.  Hehe, my eyes were watering and i felt like i was on fire!  Thankfully, it went out when i shared a non-alcoholic margarita with a friend of mine.
Great great fun 🙂
Welp, I’m off to get some lunch ready.  I’m trying to develope a really great, easy veggie burger recipe but so far, it’s been hard 😦
I won’t give up though!
How was your weekend?

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