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June 3, 2011

Teeth pulled and lots of chores (fun, fun…)

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So, today started off with a super fun run, even though it was cloudy.  i passed one of my fellow cross country runners while i was out which was pretty cool.  Yesterday, I decided to try out CCK’s snickerdoodle blondie recipe (no chocolate chips, unfortunately), and they came out super well!  Unfortunately, mine don’t look too appetizing despite them actually being super yummy.

This is from google, this photo does not depict what my blondies actually look like

I ate one this morning with some coconut milk ice cream and a glass of coconut milk hehe.  So i’m pretty much coconut-out today already (strange, right? Cuz i just love coconut).

Also, today, I found out that you must run 500 miles this summer to get a new pair of shoes and NOT 300.  This was a major disappointment.  Oh well, even if i do run 300 miles, I’ll get into the 300 miles club which is still pretty cool.
To run 500 miles this summer, you’d have to run around 8 or so miles a day which i don’t want to do lol… Well, maybe one day I’ll work up to that, but I’m just not in that much shape to attempt that feat right now.
At around 2:30 today, i have to get my last two wisdom teeth pulled which doesn’t sound much fun.  Not to mention, after lunch i have to clean up the kitchen to earn some cash, but oh well, at least later i get to go to my dad’s and chillax 🙂
Also, there, i might have to experiment with some gluten-free recipes which sounds pretty fun.
Well, I’m off to go see about some lunch.  Happy Friday 😉


  1. Wow I really admire runners! I can’t run for my life :/ Even if a tiger chases me I think I’m going to hide Haha. Have fun running! 😀

    Comment by qiting93 — June 6, 2011 @ 11:34 am

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