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May 30, 2011

Happy Memorial Day!

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I just wanted to thank all of the veterans who have risked and gave their lives protecting our freedom.  I cannot even begin to imagine giving that great of a sacrifice. Thank you.

Unlike most Americans who are likely grilling today, my family stayed inside, surrounded by fans, eating pizza, and watching movies.  (not to mention i had to study for finals which are coming up tomorrow). 

From Dominos, my brother and mom ordered a philly cheese steak (yuck, even before i was vegan, i really hated it).  I however had a delicious cheeseless pacific veggie pizza.  Yum :). 

Also, before the impending heat wave threatened to suffocate me, i went out on a lovely 5-mile jog and on a new route too ;).  I really love new routes lol.

Early this weekend, on Saturday, I had a family outing with my older brother, my 5-year-old nephew, his mom, my younger brother, and my mom.  We went out to a farm, and my nephew got to enjoy the animals there.  He loved feeding the goats and petting this adorable, doe-eyed calf.

This guy was sooo adorable

Also, there was a festival real close by so we inevitably took my nephew to ride some rides.

Mine's the one in blue 🙂














Super super cool 🙂



















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