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May 18, 2011

Super happy fun day :)

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I’ve been looking forward to today all this week because i’d be running with the little running group after school, and today, we ran to the park and played frisbee golf and played on the play area like little kids :). 

So so much fun 🙂

So a coolio post that i thought i might post today is called

Tips for those who think that veganism is too hard–

or Vegan Tips 🙂

First a note: When i first thought about becoming vegan, i was like, That would be too hard– no more ice cream! And then, i discovered coconut milk ice cream and i was like, okay I’m good 🙂  Also, if you aren’t a vegan, keep these in mind because maybe you might run into a vegan and then you would know what to feed them 🙂

Also, I’m not trying to push veganism on people.  Everybody has a different way of eating that works best for them, and veganism isn’t for everybody.  I know this, and what’s important is that you remember to live compassionately in your life 🙂


Tip number one: I think i’ll start by e

ating out.  When one eats out, one must remember that there is always something on the menu you can eat.  Some of the best restaurants to eat out at are Mexican restaurants because most of them have a vegetarian section and i can guarantee you that one of those meals are vegan :).  If you aren’t eating at a Mexican restaurant, and there aren’t any vegan meal choices, then look at the sides.  Usually, if you tell the waiter/waitress about your situation, they’ll be accommodating.

Yum Yum, gotta love Mexican food

Tip number two: So let’s say that your craving something non-vegan, like ice cream or cookies.  Do not ignore this craving.  Feed it 🙂  If you aren’t concerned with soy, go with some faux meats if you want meat.  If you want ice cream, go with the coconut stuff, it’s pretty good, but wait, it’s super expensive, what are you going to do?  I know! How about something homemade?  Just go to google and push in “vegan ____” (You’re supposed to fill the blank with whatever you want), and make it! Keep searching, don’t go with the first recipe you find.  Shop around a bit 😉  (There are also plenty of other faux vegan stuff on the market.  I found donuts once).

Look! cookie dough!

Tip number three: Parties!
So let’s say you’re going to a sleepover, party, whatev.  what are you going to do???  I have an idea!  Let’s make something vegan for everyone to enjoy.  Like cookies!  Or brownies! or, dare i say, blondies!  What about a family thanksgiving get together?  Let’s be interesting a bring a trade-mark vegan dish like veggie burgers.  (What? I like my veggie burgers and people tease about it lol).  Or you can bring a cassarolle (sp?) that’s cool, too.  Just explain your diet, why you’re into it, and let an interesting conversation ensue.  If someone ridicules you about it, cry, and make the other person feel bad (lol, you don’t have to, but that’s what i would do hehe). 
Speaking of crying: one time during a Government test at school, i forgot my notecard that the teacher let us have to cheat off of and i wasn’t getting any of the answers, so i started to cry, and i was about to hold it in, when i thought: what IF i started bauling in the middle of class?  So, i started bawling, and the teacher let me use my friends notecard :).  This MIGHT not work with guys lol ^^
Okay, that’s all i can think of.  Just remember to include plenty of fats, protein, carbs, calcium, iron, and all that other good stuff in your diet, and make sure that you indulge once in a while because why torture yourself with bad food ??
So that’s it.  See you later.  Tell me what you think of it, if anyone comments any more.

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  1. Oops, for anyone reading this: I’m not saying that vegan food tastes bad, but what i meant by not torturing yourself with bad food is like eating vegetables and grass juice all the time with carrot juice and nasty stuff like that. It’s important to include those things in your diet (i guess), but if you despise it, why eat it?

    Comment by crazyrunnerchick — May 18, 2011 @ 7:58 pm

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