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May 17, 2011

Two weeks until summer :)

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I’ve been so impatient lately for school to get out!  It doesn’t help that Ohio certainly isn’t giving us summery-type weather.  For example, today’s high was 56 degrees with heavy rain throughout early afternoon.  NOT summery 😦

Sorry I haven’t been blogging lately for all you who are interested.  I’ve been sort of depressed and tired lately because i have to take these progesterone pills to help regulate– erm– certain cycles, and all it does is make me cry at the littlest things.  Running helps with that though.  Yesterday i was super sore so i took a day off, but today, i felt fantastic running.  It really helped me take my mind off of how sad these pills make me.

Thankfully, though, this is the last time I’ll be taking them, because, this time, I’m going to try something herbal, like Maca Powder.  I think that that’ll help.

So, on to more important matters, like chocolate chip cookies.  I picked up some chocolate chunks for them… so their chocolate chunk cookies, and i love basing my recipes off of the Happy Vegan Chocolate Chip cookie recipe.  Heck, I showed this recipe to a friend of mine, and now, her whole family’s obsessed with it 🙂

So, i think I’m going to modify the recipe slightly by including some nuts or pumpkin spice.  What do you think?  Does anybody who might come across here know of anything yummy they put in cookies??

I’ll be sure to post the recipe later 😉 and I’ll probably post more during the summer when i have more time 🙂

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