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May 14, 2011

5k results :)

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So, the 5k went really well.  I had a lot of fun with my friends and a couple of my teachers.  My cross country coach was there as well.  Hehe, he was waaaay ahead of  me during the run, but i held my own with a time of 28:17.  Last year, during my first five k, i got like a 30:20 so I’m getting better, but i still didn’t beat my PR which was 26:11.  So, i  have a long way to go.  My goal is 23:00 or something like that.

Also, I got a medal for being the second place overall female 🙂  that was special.  I would’ve gotten first but this chick passed me up in the last mile.  Oh well, may the fastest runner win :).

I had sooo much fun, and I’m super proud of myself for getting such a good time.  As a reward (and because i was planning on going anyway regardless of my time), i went to starbucks and filled myself with caffeine and sugar in the form of a mocha frappuccino.

Heaven on earth

I got super hyper then and played around with my dogs and by afternoon, i was ravenous, so i made myself an early dinner that consisted of chili beans, walnut salad, and a grilled “cheese”.  That faux cheese is something i cannot stay away from.  I’m literally addicted to making faux grilled cheese sandwiches whenever the opportunity arrives.
Tomorrow, for breakfast, I plan on making some Chocolate-covered Katie’s doughnuts.  If i don’t have time–since i have church in the morning– i think I’ll have it for dinner alongside peanutbutter or something delicious like that 🙂
One of the many perks of being a vegan is that i can eat all the peanut butter in the house and use the excuse: but it’s for protein 😉
lol, it’s already been about half a week since we bought our jar of pb and i’ve already used up half of it.  Well, i guess that makes since.  Half a week, half the jar, but still, i’m surprised at how far it’s been depleted.
welp, i’m off to go do something quiet and relaxing like reading, or maybe play some violent video games.  Either way, tomorrow, i’ll be brainstorming some ideas for chocolate chip cookies for the sleepover i’m going to on friday.
Do you enjoy peanut butter?  There’s this guy on my cross country team who hates peanut butter.  Poor individual, never able to experience the joy that can truly come from peanut butter
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