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May 10, 2011

5k coming up :)

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So, after the play, there’s always the traditional Culver’s party which takes place at a restaurant.  Everytime, I hear how crazy awesome it is, but every year, i never get to go 😦  BUT next year I’ll be driving so hopefully i wont have to rely on sleepy parents.

Also, this saturday, I’m gonna be competing in a 5 K at my school, and I’m getting a little nervous, but I’ll try my best and hopefully I’ll get under 30 minutes.   My shins are hurting a bit, so I’m gonna try EVERYTHING to prevent shin splints because i dont want to enter cross country season with debilitating shin splints.

Also, as promised, here’s a picture of me as a maid 🙂 (my role in the play).

hehe, i look so bored, but i was really just a bit tired and cranky after staying up so late 🙂

Ugh, that was a  bad picture, but hey, I promised, didn’t I?  Or maybe i thought i promised.
Anywho, this weekend, i’ll definately have to update my recipe page because i’m really getting behind.
Speaking of recipes, I need to start working in more protein in my diet.  I’ve always been a bit concerned with protein, but I’ve never had a real problem with it.  It’s always fun to try to incorporate it with goodies like peanut butter and homemade veggie burgers (as well as Boca veggie burgers :)).
What’s your favorite source of protein??

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