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April 17, 2011

It’s been a while!

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So Prom went really well!  i ended up staying up until 6 am!  That’s the longest i’ve ever stayed awake lol.  I was exhausted and hungry so i made myself some kettlecorn in the microwave and a delicious pear and went straight to bed, and i ended up waking up again at ten o’clock.  Just in time to see saturday morning cartoons!

We went to a country club for prom and it was really fancy.  I didn’t know they were serving dinner so i ate before i went, but they were serving chicken parmesian so it was a good thing that i ate beforehand! Also, they had a free cafe with chai and soymilk so i had a ball as well as plenty of dancing 🙂

Apparently a couple of guys didn’t have dates so i ended up hanging around them.  One in particular 😉  And afterwards, we went to dave and buster’s until about four or five am and that was sooo much fun!

Also, this week, that i forgot to mention (oops), i came up with a delicious concoction that i would like to share with you!

Feast your eyes on

Reeses Cup Oatmeal!

The ingrediants are:

–1 serving of cooked oatmeal (preferably made with almondmilk instead of water, but depends on your taste)

–A spoonful of peanut butter

–1 serving of that chocolate sauce


1. Cook oatmeal like instructions on your cylindrical container says– or however you want.

2. Take a tablespoon of cocoa powder and mix it with a tablespoon of shortening and some sweetner.

3. Mix a spoonful of peanut butter, some of that chocolate sauce and some oatmeal in a big bowl and savor the delicious chocolatey peanut buttery mess ( could also sub any nut butter).

So yeah, that was delicious and I’ll be sure to put it up in my meesly recipe page.

Also, tonight, I competed in an air band contest at my church youth group.  What is an air band contest you ask?  It’s where a group of people choose a song and do some choriography with it.  It’s really quite simple.

My group decided on “I’ll make a man out of you” from Mulan.  It went awesomely well even though we didn’t win 😦  But that’s okay, the winner got a fifty dollar visa card, and we were gonna use it to go to Chipotle.  We’re probably just gonna go anyway 🙂

I was the drill sargeant telling my troops what to do and yelling in their faces.  Here’s a picture of my get-up:

I'm fierce lol

So, what’s your favorite disney movie?
Mine’s probably either Hercules or Mulan.  The classics like Cinderella and Snow White are a snoozefest for me. 

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