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April 11, 2011

Crazy Schedule Coming up!!

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The play.  It’s been picking up speed and the photoshoot is tomorrow.  I’ll be sure to post my maid outfit if i take a picture of it.  In a couple of weeks we’ll be staying at school anywhere from six to nine at night.  Not fun, but it’ll be worth it once openning night comes around.  The play is always fun during the performance days.  The practices are gruelling though and it always cuts into my running.  I’m trying to bring up my mileage to five miles per day because if i run 300 miles over the summer, my coach will buy me a new pair of running shoes.  Plus, if i get that mileage, getting a nice 25 or 24 minute 5K will be a breeze 🙂  Hopefully.

Also, tomorrow, i have to eat dinner at school so i packed myself some faux meat.   I really only use faux meat when i’m in a time crunch and don’t know what else to bring in terms of protein.

Here it is:

Yummy yummy

I know, the picture isn’t clear, but i’m hopefully going to get better at this picture-taking thing.

Instead of eating it straight off the sticky things, i cut them up and put it into a sandwich.  ^^

Also, for a snack tomorrow, i’m eating this:

If it’s good, I’ll post the recipe on Wed.  I don’t think I’ll get around to blogging tomorrow seeing as I’ll be at school for thirteen hours straight.  No sane person should stay at school that long.  It’s unhealthy, but alas, I must.  Maybe next year I’ll skip out on the play and do something like track.  I loved doing the 800 meter run in eighth grade.  I felt so accomplished ^^ since the first time i ran i drank caffeinated water (yeah, weird, i know lol) and was really hyper and ran really fast, but by the second lap i was crying because i thought i was coming in last.  Some guys on my track team encouraged me though and i sprinted towards the finish line, and guess what?  i wasn’t last ^^ that felt good.

So, what do you think of faux meat and soy in general?  I think it’s fine in moderation– like most things.  If you eat too much broccoli you’ll get excessive gas, too many nuts digestive issues, and too many beans… well that’s the same as the broccoli hehe.

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