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April 9, 2011

Running and coffee– another great combination

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Yesterday’s chapel went very well. My friend and I got our point across about the dire water situation in third world countries and now, we’ve started a change drive 🙂
So, I was watching tv today and I saw on one show they featured a vegan and they portrayed her as malnourished looking and nibbling on salad leaves. That kind of made me sad: I hate stereotypes and stigmas and such. Even my friends think that I can’t enjoy good food because I eat a plant-based diet.
But i’m definately not weak. I ran four miles this morning, can bench 68 percent of my body weight, and i’ve beaten many people (boys included) in arm wrestling competitions. Also, I make it a point to eat what I like at meals, not nasty stuff (like bean sprouts!). Daniel, from the Bible ate a plant-based diet and it said he outperformed his peers. So, yeah, stereotypes in nearly all forms tick me off.
Well, my rant is over. Now onto something I love:
Today, I was majorly craving peanut butter and chocolate. Let’s see: peanut butter… Check… Chocolate… Check. Now, how to combine them?
During my little sift through blogs, I came across a peanut butter cup granola recipe from but one problem: I didn’t have maple syrup :(. So, I tried it with banana, and it worked out perfectly 😀
Craving= taken care of.
Now on to something serious.
Cartoon network has seriously got to start playing my favorite show more. Want to know my favorite show…??
Adventure Time!

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